Friday, January 17, 2014

Episode 25: NFL talk w/ Zimmy

Andrew "Zimmy" Zimmerman joins the show to talk some NFL football. We recap the 2013 season and talk about the upcoming NFC & AFC Championship games.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Episode 24: Top Ten Albums of 2013

Welcome to 2013 folks. With the first episode of the new year I thought it would be fitting to discuss some of the top records that came out last year according to myself, assistant director to the Pabst Theater, Riverside Ballroom, & Turner Hall, Matt Berringer, and guitarist/singer of the Milwaukee band Ghost Cuts Jackson Kesy.

Matt's #1

Jackson's #1

Jay's #1

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Episode 23:The World Series w/ J.D

World Series time! St. Louis vs Boston, two storied franchises with a lot of history and the two most obnoxious fan-bases in baseball.  Jason "J.D" Dondlinger from View from Bernie's Chalet joins the podcast to talk about what to watch for in the upcoming series, recap our disastrous pre-season predictions in March (Episode 9), and give our final predictions on who we think will win the 2013 World Series, and who may walk away as the MVP...hint hint, I think it may be this guy below.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Episode 22: Fall Songs Considrered

On the latest episode of Armchairs & Earphones Mark from Hey Johnny! & Kelly Marks join the podcast to talk about our favorite fall records.  We each go through our top ten favorite records to listen to in the fall and talk about them, defend them, and become annoyed that there were bands that we left off of this list that should have been included (this of course is in hindsight after the podcast).

So put on your favorite hoodie, pour a cup of coffee, grab a piece of pumpkin bread and enjoy as we disclose some great fall albums we hope you check out and enjoy!

Mark's #1

Kelly's #1

Jay's #1

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 20: An In-Depth Look at the Era of Grunge with Jackson & Nick

On our milestone 20th Episode, Jackson Kesy & Nick Gumm, formerly of the Milwaukee based band Drago join the show to talk about grunge music.  Jackson, Nick, & I talk extensively about the grunge era and 90's music in general.  We debate if & why this short lived musical genre was as influential as some rock critics claim it is. To prepare for this podcast Jackson listened to Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, & Temple of the Dog (which believe it or not may have been more important than people remember). While Nick, made a timeline of the 90's and what music he was listening to (see pictures above).

Friday, August 2, 2013

Episode 19: Mid-Year Review

On the latest episode of Armchairs & Earphones Mark from Hey Johnny! & I talk about the highlights of 2013 so far.  We discuss the significance of the Postal Service getting back together, why Ryan Braun's deception is being blown way out of proportion, & what musical fad I am personally sick of and hope fades away by the end of 2013.

Oh! Mark went and saw the Postal Service and was interviewed for a documentary similar to this one!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hand Egg in London, Would it Work?

On this Episode of Armchairs & Earphones, Zac Pelkowski creator and author of the blog Left for Red joins the show to talk about the possibility of the NFL moving a franchise to Europe, specifically London. Zac & I discuss the positive impacts it would have on both American & European markets (spoiler alert, there are not many) and list a laundry list of reasons why this would be one of the dumbest decisions ever made in professional sports. So, plop into your comfy armchair with a refreshing drink and enjoy as Zac & I discuss why Hand Egg doesn't make sense in London.